• Information Management Adoption
    Let’s face it, users don’t really care much about information management and all the things that are associated with it, such as naming conventions, metadata and taxonomies. No matter how users are communicated with, they generally don’t follow best practice and as soon as we mention the word ‘governance’ they tend to switch off.
  • What Digital Transformation is Not
    Are you going through or about to start a digital transformation? Perhaps you want to allow your users to work from home as effectively and efficiently as they do when in the office?
  • Office 365 Dictate
    Broken arms and RSI are common problems and although solutions to help with them existed at the time I suffered, the technology available now is even more useful.
  • Phish me once, shame on you; phish me twice, shame on me
    Do you know anyone who has been phished? Hopefully not, but if you have, let’s hope they don’t get phished again. You might think it is unlikely or near impossible to be phished twice, but sadly it’s not. There are organisations who have warned their users about attacks and, despite the warnings, users have fallen … Read more