Qaixen speaking commitments for Q3 2018

The next few months are again busy ones for the Qaixen Team, but we are always keen to share knowledge at various events. In the next few months we will be speaking at the following events, so come and say hi.

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D365 User Group – Wednesday 4th July 2018 – London

Peter Baddeley – Go with the Flow with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Flow can be a powerful tool to help you deliver solutions for Dynamics 365 which the native workflow struggles. This includes more flexibility around sending emails, scheduled jobs, bulk record creation and looping through child records. In this session we will show the basic of creating a flow and considerations for with the Actions for Dynamics 365. There will be lots of demos, which will give you an insight as to why you should be using Flow for your Dynamics 365 implementation.

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D365UG Virtual Summer Camp: Customer Engagement for Service – 8th August – Online

Peter Baddeley – Deliver Solutions for Document Management with SharePoint and Dynamics 365

Many organisations have complex document management requirements for Dynamics 365, which the native integration can’t fulfil. This sessions will use a mixture of demonstration and case studies to present some potential solutions to common problems. This will include organising documents by clients, using meta data, managing large volumes of documents, email attachments and permissions management. It will explore how these solutions can be delivered using customisation tools, development and third party solutions. Also bring along your challenges and lets discuss the range of potential solutions.

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SharePoint Saturday Cambridge – 8th September – Cambridge

Peter Baddeley – Getting Started with Model Driven PowerApps

Model Driven PowerApps are one of the most exiting things Microsoft have released in a long time, and will make you rethink how you approach solutions in the Office 365 space. They representing a fresh alternative from trying to build something in SharePoint or resorting to writing code. We can now easily build rich applications on top of the Common Data Service, and integrate with services like Flow. In this session we demonstrate how to build one and explain how they fit into the Office 365 Ecosystem. We will also explore the underlying data structure, licensing considerations and current limitations.

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Taxonomy Boot Camp London – Tuesday 16 October – London

Randy Perkins-Smart – Automated taxonomies and metadata in the cloud – pros and cons

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